Treatment Approaches

What medications are available to help with substance use disorder?

There is no cure for addiction. Patients can treat and manage addiction. However, there is always a chance that the addiction may come back. Managing substance use disorder is a lifelong job.
The use of medication can play a significant part in recovery when it is combined with behavioral therapies. Certain medicines can be used to decrease cravings, boost mood and reduce addictive behaviors. For example the FDA has recently approved lofexidine as a medication to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in those who are receiving treatment for opioid addiction. Medications like acamprosate can help to reduce the use of alcohol.

Is treatment for drug addiction inpatient or outpatient? —

Is there a cure for substance use disorder?

Many people have both a mental health condition and a substance use disorder. Sometimes, mental illness is there before the addiction happens. In other instances addiction can trigger or makes worse a mental health issue. If both conditions are treated correctly, the odds of recovery increase.
Drug addiction (also known as addiction to substances) can be defined as an illness that is progressive and results in people losing control over the use of some substance despite the negative effects of their use. The condition can be life-threatening.