Managing Addictions

Common Questions About Rehab

Outpatient rehabs are another form of addiction treatment that is comprehensive. They offer the same kinds of effective therapies and treatments as inpatient rehabs. However, outpatient rehabs allow patients to remain at home during the healing process. Patients can continue working and taking care of their families, as they attend scheduled therapy sessions during the week.
The first step to identifying a drug addiction is recognizing the problem and seeking assistance. This initial step may start with an intervention from friends or family members. When someone has decided to seek treatment to overcome addiction the next steps include:

Inpatient Rehab —

Outpatient Rehab

Detoxification is a method of safely removing oneself from alcohol or drugs until the substance is eliminated from their body. It's often the initial step in the treatment of individuals recovering from severe to moderate kinds of addiction. In some cases, withdrawal from certain drugs may require treatment with medication that helps ease the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Treatments prescribed during detox usually are tapered off till the individual is no completely dependent on addictive substances.
Medication may be a part of your treatment plan. Your healthcare team will determine the best medications for you. Treatments that are based on medications are available for: