Preventing Addiction

Faith-Based Treatment

Treatments for addiction are based on an individual's health and addiction patterns. Options for therapy include an array of group and individual sessions of therapy that are usually arranged by addiction counselors.
A lot of people suffer from both a mental health condition and a substance abuse disorder. Sometimes the mental illness exists before the addiction happens. Other times addiction can trigger or makes worse a mental health issue. If both disorders are addressed properly, the chances for recovery improve.

Biofeedback Therapy —

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used to help people in recovery uncover problematic thoughts or feelings which could hinder their recovery or cause a recrudescence. This kind of therapy can also be helpful in the treatment of co-occurring illnesses like bipolar disorder.
In the event that you persist to use drugs, brain structures and functions could alter. Substance abuse disorder affects the way you: