Understanding Addiction

Can addiction come back?

The effects of substance use disorders can be fatal. If it is not treated it could lead to death from an overdose or engage in risky behavior when under the influence of drugs. Treatment can aid people in recovering from addiction, and also prevent severe consequences.
Anyone can develop a substance use disorder. There is no way to predict whether a person may develop an addiction. There is a chance that you will be more susceptible to drug use because of:

Is drug addiction fatal? —

How can I best take care of myself?

Drug addiction, or substance abuse disorder, is a brain disease. Drugs affect your brain, including your decision-making ability. The changes can make it difficult to stop taking drugs, even if you want to. If you or someone close to you has a substance use disorder, talk to a healthcare doctor. A trained provider can help provide the help you require. Usually, a combination of medication and therapy continues to help patients overcome addiction and get back to their lives.
Humans are biologically motivated to seek rewards. Often, these rewards come from healthy habits. If it is a time to spend with your loved person or indulge in a delicious meal and your body releases a chemical called dopamine that makes you feel pleasure. The cycle continues where you are looking for these moments because they bring you good feelings.