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Truck accident claims can be different than passenger vehicle claims. Trucking companies are required to comply with strict federal laws. This includes weight limit laws, hours of operation laws, maintenance laws, as well as other laws that pertain to trucking.

To keep their licenses, truck drivers must pass a medical exam. Truck drivers should also be insured with high-limit policies to protect themselves against serious injuries that can occur in an accident. In the aftermath of a crash involving a passenger vehicle, the driver who caused it is often the one responsible. Many parties could be at fault for a truck accident. They could include the truck driver or truck company, their insurers, the truck manufacturer and shipping company, as they all have responsibility.

There is usually a direct relationship between how much evidence the victim/plaintiff presents, and how much damages jurors award. For more information on your case, contact a Grand Rapids Personal Injury Lawyer for a free consultation. A trucking crash can result in injuries that are more severe than those sustained in an automobile accident. The complex relationships among truck drivers and trucking companies and owners of trucks require extensive research and investigation.

Others will need to be settled through litigation. Every case has its own unique circumstances. This is why we take the time needed to provide clients with compassionate and caring counsel throughout. You have questions about what you should do next if you've been injured in an accident with a truck. Talk to our truck accident lawyers in Grand Rapids today. We are here. Contact us via text message, voicemail or form. Please don't include sensitive or confidential information.

A third-party claim can be used to recover damages for suffering and pain. Michigan law permits one to seek pain and suffering damages. If the injury is severe enough, an experienced truck accident attorney can help you determine the severity of your injuries. In the event of a fatality, our Grand Rapids wrongful-death lawyers will stand by you. Federal regulations require that trucking companies carry accident insurance in excess of $750,000. Trucking companies and insurers often hire large defense law firms with quick response teams to respond to trucking accident scenes. This is done in order limit liability and minimize settlements. These defense teams are often on the scene within an hour of a trucking crash. Their goal is to limit damage and delay the investigation.