Gutters are an important part of any home in Baton Rouge and neglecting them can be very dangerous! When gutters become clogged from leaves, dirt and other debris, water can't flow properly off the roof and away from the house. This causes a variety of problems such as leaks in your roof, walls or even foundation. Not only that but (it) also increases the risk of flooding during heavy rains and can cause damage to siding and landscaping around your house.

Moreover, when gutters become neglected, they also attract pests like mosquitoes, birds and rats which can lead to health risks for you and your family. Also, if ignored long enough there's a danger that gutters may collapse due to all the weight build-up on them. In extreme cases, it even could result in an entire section of gutter falling off your house!

Furthermore, unkempt gutters can cause staining on exterior walls as well as mold growth which is both unsightly and damaging to the structure of your home. It might also result in high energy bills as heat gets trapped between clogged up parts of gutter system preventing proper insulation for your house. Such neglect should be avoided at all costs!

Therefore it's essential to check all gutters regularly for any issues such as decaying or broken pieces so that they may be fixed quickly before any further damage happens. Cleaning out gutter systems should be done twice a year or more depending on climate conditions to ensure they work optimally throughout year. Regular maintenance will help preserve beauty of one's home while avoiding risks associated with negligence!
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