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Although there is no law that states South Carolina truck accident victims must retain legal counsel, it's a good idea. Trucking companies know that they are in high-risk businesses and will aggressively defend against any legal claims.

To help you with your truck accident case, it is a good idea to contact a local truck accident attorney. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that 450,000 large truck collisions were reported by the police in 2017. Of those accidents, 344,000 were fatalities and 4,237 caused injuries. Due to the high risks associated with large truck accidents, strict regulations have been established. The FMCSA enforces strict regulations for truck drivers because of the risk involved in their work.

Due to the differences in the size and weight of large trucks and passenger cars, large truck accidents are more likely than other types to cause serious injuries or death.

We will take care of all communication and negotiation. We will initiate the discovery process, where we will gather evidence and evaluate your chances of fully recovering. After conducting an extensive initial investigation, the letter requesting injury damages will be drafted and sent to the insurance company. This letter contains a summary of your legal rights and the demand for financial damages. This demand letter is intended to be a starting point in negotiations.

In the event that you have been seriously injured by a truck accident or delivery vehicle accident due to negligence on the part of the driver, you could be entitled to monetary damages. Consult with a truck accident attorney near you. It can be hard to know where you should turn for help after being in a car crash.

They can also provide crucial evidence about trucking companies' disregard for safety. A truck accident differs from a "regular" accident in that there are more people who could be held accountable. While a truck crash still involves the truck driver and at most one other driver, there are certain factors that must be considered when a commercial vehicle crashes into a truck.

should i get a lawyer after an accident

Truck accidents can take place for many reasons. Although truck accidents are rare due to the inherent dangers associated with these vehicles, both federal and state laws have strict regulations. You must be able show that the accident occurred due to negligence. The factors that determine whether or not your accident was caused due to negligence are complex and difficult to prove.

We want you be able to forget about your truck accident injuries, and move on with your lives. You have reached the right place. An experienced truck accident lawyer may help you if a truck accident has left you as the victim. Semi-truck accidents, due to their large size, can be difficult and can cause serious emotional and physical harm. A truck accident lawyer can help. After being in a semi-truck accident, a lawyer for truck accidents can assist you.

Many people are unsure if an attorney is required to obtain compensation after being involved in a trucking accident. There is no legal requirement for South Carolina truck accident victims that they retain legal counsel. However, it is a good idea.

should i get a lawyer after an accident
attorneys for accident cases

attorneys for accident cases

You will meet with one of our lawyers to discuss the details and the circumstances of the case. Please bring as much detail as you can with you to your appointment. To show your doctor, take photos of your injuries and damage to the cars. You should also bring a list with names and contact information of witnesses to the accident, along with copies of your medical bills and information about how much time you lost due to injuries.

Commercial trucks weigh significantly more than passenger vehicles. According to Federal Highway Administration, trucks may weigh up to 80,000 lbs.

You should not give any statements to anyone from the trucking carrier, truck driver's insurance or to truck driver. Signing any documents (including early settlements or authorizations to disclose your medical information) is a bad idea.

myrtle beach truck accident attorneys

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Truck tire blowouts can lead to a driver losing control of the vehicle. Our lawyers quickly analyze and preserve truck maintenance records as we handle tractor-trailer accident cases. These records, which trucking firms only need to keep for a specific period of time, could be critical evidence that a trucking firm has failed to protect its trucks' safety.

There are many reasons truck accidents can occur. Truck accidents can happen for many reasons. Despite being highly regulated by federal and state law, there is still danger in operating these vehicles. To be eligible for compensation you must prove that the accident was caused by negligence. It is difficult to determine if your accident was caused by negligence.

Tractor-trailers take longer to stop. Truck drivers must maintain a greater distance from other traffic on Highway 17. If there is no traffic, or if they are following too closely, they may not be able hit the brakes in sufficient time to avoid a rear end collision.

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Therefore, any person involved in truck accidents should have their case reviewed by a skilled lawyer as soon possible.

The value of each tractor trailer injury case depends on the particular facts of the accident, severity of injuries and available compensation policies. Our attorneys are skilled in identifying any insurance policies that may offer compensation for your injuries. Multiplying your insurance policies may increase the amount you receive. Do not hire an attorney who guarantees a certain amount of compensation or that the attorney can obtain that amount for you.

Our team is happy to guide you through this difficult time in your life. There are rights for workers who have been hurt on the job. A Workers' Compensation lawyer is essential to help you understand the process. Workers Compensation laws in South Carolina protect those who have suffered job-related injuries.

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We may interview witnesses, record the accident scene and examine all vehicles involved in order to determine the damage that was caused by the crash. The accident reconstruction specialists may also take measurements and make calculations to help determine the time and speed of each vehicle and other pertinent factors. We will follow the following steps.

Trucking companies are acutely aware of their high-risk business, and they will vigorously defend against any legal claims. In fact, any trucking company will have a team full of highly skilled lawyers who are ready to represent them in court.

It is possible to take a major step forward by speaking with a Myrtle Beach semi truck accident lawyer about your legal options. Our attorneys will listen carefully to your concerns, and will answer your questions completely free of charge. You can make well-informed decisions about what your legal options are so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your future. An experienced truck accident lawyer will help to reduce anxiety and stress after a serious crash.