American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold, Which One Offers the Best Value?

American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold stand out among companies specializing in precious metal investment as leading options, with increasing numbers of individuals opting to diversify their investment portfolio with precious metals such as gold and silver investments. American Hartford Gold offers extensive comparison between their services so you can make an informed decision. Read this article for further insights into American Hartford Gold's and Noble Gold's services so you can make a wise investment choice.

Company Background

American Hartford Gold is a family-run company specializing in physical precious metals trading. Offering Individual Retirement Accounts as their specialty product, this investment company has made waves within the investment community for their customer service excellence and transparent business model.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold, like American Hartford Gold, offers precious metals both directly for purchase as well as inclusion into self-directed IRAs. Through an emphasis on educating clients and personalized service, this full-service provider has established itself as being client centric.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold offers an assortment of precious metal bars and coins in gold, silver and platinum; in addition, they specialize in offering Gold IRAs that enable individuals to invest directly into physical gold as part of their retirement strategy.

Noble Gold provides similar offerings of products including gold, silver, platinum and palladium as do Gold IRAs; in addition, they also provide their unique Royal Survival Pack as emergency relief in times of trouble.

American Hartford Gold is well-renowned for providing superior customer service. Their personalized assistance helps build long-lasting relationships between their company and clients; in particular, helping customers through each stage of the investment process.

Noble Gold excels at client education and personalized service, giving customers peace of mind to make informed decisions without feeling pressured by salespeople or pushy tactics. Their "no pressure" approach enables clients to feel at ease making smart choices with confidence.

Tools and Online Presence

American Hartford Gold provides users with an intuitive website featuring numerous educational materials. Their account management tools make the investment experience simpler for investors.

Noble Gold's website is well designed and informative. They provide plenty of educational materials, while their blog covers up-to-the minute news regarding precious metal investment trends and news.

Accreditations and Customer Feedback

American Hartford Gold has earned itself an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and many positive customer testimonials on various platforms.

Noble Gold also holds an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau and boasts of outstanding customer feedback ratings.


Both American Hartford Gold and Noble Gold stand as leaders in the precious metals investment world, but ultimately choosing between them comes down to personal preferences and specific needs. American Hartford Gold may appeal more for those who prioritize long-standing family businesses with exceptional customer service; on the other hand, Noble Gold's unique offerings such as Royal Survival Packs may make it worth your while; either way, thorough research and due diligence are critical components to making an intelligent precious metals investment decision. Click here to learn more about those firms.