AWS Roofing

AWS Roofing

AWS Roofing is a family-run roofing company with headquarters on NSW's Central Coast in Australia.

On the NSW Central Coast as well as in the regions of Sydney, Newcastle, and Hunter, we specialize in new metal roofing, metal roof replacements, gutter replacements, downpipes, fascia covers, and leaf guards for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

We take great pride in having an enviable reputation for dependability, professionalism, and excellent work at a fair price. In order to rebuild and safeguard your home or place of business with a watertight roof, we only utilize the most recent materials and cutting edge roofing techniques. We are confident that you can count on us to provide the greatest service at the best pricing on the Central Coast.

Any form of metal roof, including ColorBond, Zincalume, Galvanized, and even Stainless Steel roof cladding products, can be replaced by our Central Coast Roofing crew.

On residential or commercial constructions, we can install brand-new roofs.
Our knowledgeable crew has extensive expertise replacing metal roofs on all different kinds of structures, including traditional homes, historic homes, commercial buildings, and factories.

Any metal roof sheeting can be supplied and installed by AWS Roofing. We can assist you in choosing the optimal profile for your roof pitch while preserving any visually appealing or historically significant elements of the building.

Central Coast Guttering

Replacing your gutters will have a significant impact on how well your roof functions in rainy weather.
Not only do new gutters immediately enhance the way water is distributed, but they also create a clean edge for both residential and commercial roofing.

Central Coast Guttering
Fascias And Guttering

Fascias And Guttering

AWS Roofing has noticed a significant rise in the number of people who wish to install fascia covers on their homes over the years. Fascia covers have become increasingly popular, which may be attributed to our increasingly hectic lifestyles. Even if we still give our homes a lot of attention, the idea of spending our weekends climbing ladders to paint fascia boards is less appealing than ever.

The purpose of fascia covers is to cover your current wooden fascia boards. The benefit of this approach is that it hides cosmetic issues like worn, cracked, and peeling wood that are already there. preventing them from damage from the weather while eliminating the need to repair or paint your current fascia boards.

The profile of the new steel fascia is clearly visible on the fascia cover. Since steel fascia has been built, it can be utilized to cover the old timber fascia boards to match a new addition or top floor.

When your guttering is being replaced is the ideal time to think about putting metal fascia cover. It is important to remove the current guttering in order for our contractors to install the fascia cover. Therefore, take advantage of this chance to ask AWS Roofing about fascia covers for your property when you are thinking about replacing your gutters.

AWS Roofing

Downpipe Installation Central Coast

Your gutters' water is transferred through a downpipe to a water tank or stormwater drain. The amount of water that will flow down each downpipe individually and the amount of leaf debris that will enter the gutter system must be taken into account when determining the size and shape of the downpipe. This factor is eliminated with the installation of a gutter guard system since no leaves will get inside the gutter system. Downpipes made of PVC are frequently utilized with water tank systems.

Downpipe Installation Central Coast
Gutter Guard Central Coast Installation

Gutter guards reduce the accumulation of leaf debris. For gutter systems, this is a challenge, especially in places with plenty of trees. Blocked gutters can put your home at risk for fire, put undue strain on the edge of your roof, and cause organic wastes to get into water storage tanks. By installing a gutter guard system, obstructions, rust, and overflows are avoided.

Gutter guard mesh is also quite effective at keeping vermin out of your water tank and roof area since it keeps out birds, possums, rats, mice, and other vermin.

For differing degrees of leaf difficulties, gutter guards are available in a variety of materials and designs (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Zincalume).

every safety prerequisite Committed to a 15-year warranty on all goods with a leaf guard
Zero fire rating for leaf guards made of zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel

Specialising In The Supply And Installation Of:

● Metal roofing replacements,
● New metal roofing,
● Tile-to-metal roof conversions,
● Asbestos-to-metal roof conversions
● Removing and replacing solar panels
● Replacement polycarbonate roofing
● Roof ventilators/whirly birds