History of Swarthmore Pennsylvania

Swarthmore Pennsylvania History

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania is a small town in the heart of the Pocono Mountains region of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was founded by Quakers in 1784 and named after the English village of Swarthmore. The first settlers were from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They came to live on land that had been purchased by William Penn for his colony of Pennsylvania.

Scott Arboretum

Scott Arboretum is a coterminous arboretum run by Swarthmore College that is 357 ares (384,000 square feet) in size. Every day there is free public access to it. For the purpose of enabling Swarthmore College to acquire, cultivate, and propagate the better kinds of living trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants that are hardy in the climate of eastern Pennsylvania and suitable for planting by the average gardener, the arboretum was founded and endowed by the Scott family in 1929 in honor of Arthur Hoyt Scott (class of 1895, inventor of the paper towel).


500 College Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081

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History of Swarthmore Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Veterans Museum

Pennsylvania Veterans Museum

Pennsylvania Veterans Museum

The Pennsylvania Veterans Museum is committed to maintaining, guarding, and promoting the legacy and dignity of all veterans who have served in the armed forces of the United States of America. Our mission is to share the experiences of those who fought for the United States in its various wars by telling their stories. We want to preserve the past so that future generations can continue to learn from it, and we also want to tell the stories of our history that have never been told before.


12 E State St, Media, PA 19063

Delaware County Institute of Science

Dr. George Smith, John Cassin, Minshall Painter, George Miller, Jr., and John Miller were the original founders of the Delaware County Institute of Science (DCIS), which was established in 1833. Through the establishment of a natural history museum and a lending library, this organization set out to fulfill its mandate of disseminating information to the general population. Volunteers have been responsible for the management and upkeep of DCIS for nearly two centuries. The building that was constructed in 1867 and serves as its permanent home can be found in Media, Pennsylvania, at the intersection of Jasper Street and Veterans Square.


11 Veterans Sq., Media, PA 19063

Friends Historical Library

Friends Historical Library

The Friends Historical Library is a repository for historical records written by members of the Religious Society of Friends and other relevant individuals (Quakers). In addition to books, we have documents dating from the middle of the 17th century up to the present day, such as meeting records, diaries, letters, photographs, artwork, audiovisual materials, and more. They are happy to have any


500 College Ave, Swarthmore, PA 19081

Friends of the Grange

In the year 1682, Henry Lewis made the purchase of land in the new world from an agent of William Penn while he was still living in his native Wales. In the latter part of that year, he traveled to Haverford Township with his wife, their children, and his father in search of religious freedom. In honor of the village in Pembrokeshire where he was born and raised, he gave his new house the name Maen Coch, which literally means "Red Stone." There is no trace left of the first house that stood on this land, which was almost certainly constructed out of logs.

Around the same time that his father passed away, Henry, Jr. began construction on the initial portion of the current mansion. This is the living room that is used today, and the bedrooms are located upstairs. In the year 1730, he added a second increment to the house, which is now what we know as the hall, the library, and the master bedroom on the second floor.


143 Myrtle Ave, Havertown, PA 19083

Delaware County Libraries' StoryWalk
Delaware County Libraries' StoryWalk

Delaware County Libraries' StoryWalk

The Delaware County Libraries (abbreviated as DCL) is a federated system that includes a total of 26 individual libraries. These libraries may be found in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Through collaborative efforts, we intend to achieve our mission of providing the residents of Delaware County with the best possible library service. The individual member libraries receive help from a central administrative headquarters. Every single one of the member libraries maintains its individuality and determines its own protocols and guidelines.


1747-1775 N Providence Rd, Media, PA 19063

Kitao Art Gallery

Kitao is the name of the art gallery that is run by Swarthmore students. Our primary objective is to make it possible for members of the Swarthmore community to engage in artistic activity, learn from it, and develop a deeper appreciation for it. This mission is accomplished through the hosting of open studio hours, the exhibition of student artwork, the organization of art-oriented events (craft nights, open mic nights, and talks), and collaborations with other student organizations. Kitao Gallery, which can be found right behind the tennis courts close to Olde Club and the WRC, is available to any student or student group that wishes to use it throughout the entire academic year.

The Student Art Association and the Photography Club collaborated in 1999 to purchase the space that is now known as the Kitao Gallery. The Student Art Association emerged victorious in the referendum held against SCCS to become the sole available public art space for student artists. Before the year 1999, the lovely building in the Tudor style was only used for storing things and hosting intimate gatherings. In the year 2000, the remodeling of the room was finished. In May of 2001, the gallery was devoted to T. Kaori Kitao, an esteemed art history professor who had retired at the time.

Swarthmore, PA 19081

Lawrence Cabin

Lawrence Cabin

Henry Lawrence constructed the Lawrence Cabin at some point between the years 1690 and 1710, according to historical records. It had been transported from its original location on Darby Creek in 1961 because it was in danger of being destroyed.

It is a modest log house, and it is typical of the first residences that were erected in the area. It was constructed on the bank of Darby Creek at Old West Chester Pike by four early immigrants, one of them was David Lawrence. David Lawrence, along with his wife Elinor Ellis and her family, was one of the early Welsh settlers in Haverford Township. After arriving in the new world in 1684, he claimed a portion of the land grant that had been made to his father-in-law by the Welsh government. The same year, 1709, his son Henry Lawrence made the subsequent acquisition of 209 acres (0.85 km2) along Darby Creek. It has not been confirmed whether the log home was completed before this purchase; nevertheless, a stone addition with two and one half stories was constructed around the year 1730, and a clapboard summer kitchen was added later. It was in the ownership of the Lawrence family until 1942, during which time it acquired the nickname "Three Generation House."

The chamber on the first floor of Henry Lawrence's construction, which is referred to as the Lawrence Cabin, is dominated by a massive fireplace, and a ladder leads up to the sleeping loft. The Colonial Living Experience, which is offered by the Haverford Township Historical Society to students in primary school, takes place in this house, which has been correctly furnished to reflect the time period before 1750.


1682 Karakung Dr, Havertown, PA 19083

Lawrence Cabin