How to Invest in a Gold IRA with Noble Gold and Rosland Capital?

Selecting an investment manager when investing in precious metals can be daunting, with numerous choices out there available to you and an abundance of available information to consider. Noble Gold and Rosland Capital are two popular precious metal investment firms. Here, we compare both firms by looking at their services, customer reviews, product offerings and fees so that you can make an informed decision.

Company History

Noble Gold Investments of California offers Gold IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), precious metal investments, and customer services and education for investors interested in diversifying their portfolio with gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Since 2015, Noble Gold has focused on offering personalized customer experience as part of our customer-first commitment.

Rosland Capital was established in California and began operations in 2008. They specialize in precious metal-backed IRAs as well as transparent investing practices to offer precious metal products like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to consumers and emphasize transparency during investment processes.

Product Offerings

Noble Gold: Noble Gold provides investors with various investment solutions, such as gold and silver IRAs, coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Their specialty lies in offering collectible rare coins.

Rosland Capital: Rosland Capital offers similar gold and silver IRAs as Noble Gold; additionally, they also provide coins and bars in different categories including signature line coins as well as limited edition products that often partner with well-recognized organizations.

Fees and Pricing

Noble Gold: Noble Gold stands out in the industry by having an upfront fee structure with reasonable annual fees for precious metal IRAs compared to industry standards, often offering promotions such as waiving the first-year fees on new accounts.

Rosland Capital: Rosland Capital has less transparent fee structures, with annual fees generally being higher; therefore, it's essential that account agreements be reviewed thoroughly to clarify all costs before moving forward with any investment plans with them.

Customer Services and Reviews

Noble Gold stands out for their exceptional customer service, earning top reviews across customer review platforms and receiving glowing testimonials from many clients on educational approach, transparency, and ease of opening accounts.

Rosland Capital: Rosland Capital has received positive reviews; however there have been complaints regarding their aggressive sales tactics which pressure some customers into making investments they do not wish for; other customers, however, have highlighted both product variety and expertise of Rosland Capital as positive aspects.


Both Noble Gold and Rosland Capital are trusted companies within the precious metals investment space. Noble Gold stands out for its customer service, transparent fees and educational focus, Rosland Capital boasts more extensive products. When making your selection between them it should depend on your investment goals, customer service experience preferences and budgetary constraints; it is best advised that thorough research be performed as well as consulting a financial adviser prior to taking an informed decision. Click here to learn more about the best gold IRA companies.