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Fairview Mills, a division of J-Six, provides a full line of Milling services – Contract Extrusion, Contract Manufacturing, Contract Packaging, Pelleting, Blending, and Bagging.

J-Six and Fairview Mills offer a full line of Transloading Services, Storage, Bulk Storage & Distribution.

Our pet food treat manufacturing facilities offer contract services for the highest quality pet treats. Our main facility located in Kansas City, KS (Kansas City Treats), provides Contract Extrusion, Contract Manufacturing, and Contract Packaging.

J-Six has its own trucking fleet called Fairview Express and provides superior transportation and shipping services at a reasonable cost. Whether it’s our pneumatics, tankers, hoppers, flatbeds, van trailers, belt wagons or auger tanks–we have the equipment to handle your specialized needs.

J-Six Farms & Livestock is a family farm with a worldwide reach. Whether it’s milling, farming, livestock, or trucking, our family treats our employees and our customers like family—and that’s a big family!

Work with a great family-owned company with many opportunities to grow in your career. Our company offers a comprehensive benefits package, generous paid time off with many other benefits. We are constantly accepting resumes due to our growth in milling, livestock, farming, and transportation services.


Fairview Mills, a division J-Six Enterprises specializes in pet food ingredient packaging. There are many sizes available: small sacks, 50 pound bags, large super sacks up to 1,000 - 2,000 pound packaging! We will take your bags of pet food ingredients and quality pet food products, run them through our pet ingredient packaging line, then give you customized packages.


Your customers may not require a full truckload to transport your pet food proteins. Our pet food ingredient packaging facility has the infrastructure and tools necessary to take your totes containing quality wheat gluten and soy protein, detote and then repackage them into pallets of fifty-pound bags. Fairview Mills will bag your pet food ingredients to your specifications. We also run your ingredients through our sifting machine! We treat you like a friend when you choose us to handle your contract packaging needs. We want to partner with you in order to make sure your customer receives only the best products.

Pet Food Ingredient Distribution J-Six Enterprises

Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage J-Six Enterprises

Pet Food Industry Associations

GAPFA (Global Alliance of Pet Food Industry Associations)

GAPFA brings together 13 national and regional pet food associations globally as well as corporate members with a focus on food for dogs and cats. GAPFA was officially established in November 2014 under Belgian law.

The GAPFA mission is to support the health and wellbeing of pets and to promote the benefits of living with them, by providing a forum for global industry consensus to address key mutual issues. Its vision is to be recognized as the global voice of the pet food industry. The focus of GAPFA is to harness the collective knowledge and experience of the global pet food industry with the objective to develop science-based global nutritional and safety standards which will provide reference and will facilitate trade of pet food.

Pet Food Institute (PFI)

Pet Food Institute (PFI) is the main Trade Association of dog and cat food manufacturers in the USA. Affiliate members of PFI include the leading suppliers of equipment, ingredients, packaging and services to the United States pet food industry.

The PFI was organized in 1958 as the national trade association of dog and cat food manufacturers in the United States of America. Active members of PFI produce 95% of the total dog and cat food tonnage in the United States. Affiliate members of PFI include the leading suppliers of equipment, ingredients, packaging and services to the United States pet food industry. PFI works closely with veterinarians, humane groups and local animal control officers to encourage responsible dog and cat ownership. It also represents the industry before legislative and regulatory bodies at the federal and state levels.

Pet Food Industry Associations 2

FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation)

Established in 1970, the Fédération Européenne de l’Industrie des Aliments pour Aminaux Familiers (FEDIAF), the European Pet Food Industry Federation, represents the pet food industry in Europe and unites the national professional organizations of 26 European countries, whether or not belonging to the EU, via 18 national or regional pet food industry associations[1]. The FEDIAF represents around 650 companies[1] responsible for producing more than 90% of European pet food. The national organizations represent manufacturers, packers and importers of prepared pet food, including foods for dogs, cats, birds, and other pets.

The FEDIAF represents the European pet food industry in all external forums. Through its national Associations, the FEDIAF also collaborates with local and national authorities. As a competent partner, FEDIAF cooperates with the European authorities to implement pet food law designed to ensure the manufacture and distribution of safe, nutritionally balanced and palatable pet food products. This has led to a development of Self Regulation in a form of three industry Codes, which have been recognized by the EU authorities. The 3 self-regulating FEDIAF Codes are

Wherever possible, FEDIAF strongly encourages responsible dog and cat ownership.

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  • Pet Food Ingredient Transloading J-Six Enterprises

    Latest Pet Food Milling News

    Pet food Ingredient Bagging J-Six Enterprises

    Fairview Mills knows that pet food and ingredients are often cheaper to transport in bags than loose products. Fairview Mills is one the many J-Six Enterprises divisions. We have the infrastructure to handle your bulk, loose pet food ingredients, and then bag them to your specifications. This makes it easier to move your products across the product line, from raw product to ready for use. For example, send us whole corn. Our team will load it, mill it, then package it according to your specifications. The raw corn can now be used for the next step of the pet food processing process.


    It is important to verify that the packaging of your pet food ingredients in bags, trays and other containers is accurate and quality-controlled. Our pet food ingredient packaging system includes running every pet food product through our lab to determine its moisture level, nutrient break down, and other metrics. To remove as much dust and chaff from your ingredients as possible, we then vigorously sift them. This process will improve the quality of pet food ingredients and ensure that your fifty-pound bag is completely filled with your product, not with chaff or dust. It will make it easier to track inventory accurately when you know that a 50-pound bag of corn Gluten is actually fifty pounds.


    Pet food Ingredient Bagging J-Six Enterprises
    Pet food Milling J-Six Enterprises

    Pet food Milling J-Six Enterprises


    Fairview Mills wants to solve every problem pet food ingredient suppliers may have. We offer small and big quantity bags options, both paper and poly, as well multiple sealing methods. Each bag has different pros and disadvantages. Fairview Mills is the perfect choice for contract packaging.

    25 Kilogram Bag - Our Smallest Size For Pet Food Ingredient Packaging

    Our twenty-five-kilogram bag is the smallest size available for pet ingredient packaging. Fairview Mills is a division J-Six Enterprises that supplies pet food ingredient packaging. This bag is meant for transport and storage. Many clients choose our super sacks, bags and totes with larger capacities. Fairview Mills will still find solutions for each customer. Therefore, we can handle smaller quantities of your contract packaging. These bags are available with a wide range of construction materials and sealing techniques. Multi-wall paper bags, which are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags, are usually sealed by sewing or pinching. You can choose from a variety of polyethylene bags or polypropylene bags with heat sealing or sewn seal.

    Pet Food Extrusion

    50 Pound Bag - Perfect For Pallets

    For clients who require stackable bags, fifty-pound bags are an excellent choice. They can be stored individually or in palleted stacks. There are many options for construction material and sealing methods when it comes to these bags. Multi-wall paper bags, which are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags, are usually sealed by sewing or pinching. Many polyethylene and polypropylene bags can be purchased with heat sealing or sewn sealing. Our 50-pound bags serve as ingredient packaging, but not product packaging. The pet food ingredient packaging can be used for transport and storage.

    1000 Pound Tote - Poly Lining!

    To transport large quantities or pet food ingredients and pet food, it is helpful to have large totes that can accommodate the product. Our 1000 pound bags are perfect for transporting bulk pet foods ingredients. These poly-lined totes offer strength and durability. The exterior fabric is covered with a poly lining that will prevent any small particles from getting lost in the poly lining. These large totes have a large capacity and are intended for easy transportation and storage. Before we fill these large bags of one thousand pounds with your quality products, our sifting process will run your pet foods ingredients through.

    Pet Food Extrusion
    Pet Food Ingredient Distribution
    Pet Food Ingredient Distribution

    2000 Pound Super Bag - The Largest Size for Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage

    This bulk bag (also known as a Super Sack) is one of our most preferred options for contract packaging. Super sacks can hold up to a ton of pet food or pet ingredients. They are tough and durable and reduce per-pound packaging costs. Super sacks can be stored either on their own or on top of pallets. The box-corner design of super sacks allows them to be stacked one on top of the other. Before filling these two-and-a-half thousand pound bags with quality products, we run pet food ingredients through our sifting machine. These large totes have a large capacity and are not intended to be finished product packaging.


    Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage J-Six Enterprises

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    Pet Food Ingredient Bulk Storage J-Six Enterprises

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The wet milling process involves a series of steps by which corn is separated into various components, which are then further processed and/or used for animal feed. The basic steps for wet milling include steeping, germ separation, fine grinding, starch separation, fermentation, and syrup conversion.

    Dry pet foods are made by mixing dry and wet ingredients together to form a dough. In the extrusion process, the dough is heated under pressure, then pushed through a die machine that cuts the kibbles. Kibble size and shape varies according to the product specification. The kibbles are dried, cooled and spray coated.

    The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for regulating animal drugs, feeds/foods, devices, and most animal health products; however some classes of animal products come under the jurisdiction of other Federal or State government agencies.