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Shell Island Beach Tours are a great choice for Panama City Beach activities. Enjoy a beautiful, unspoiled world with your friends and family with Shell Island Beach Tours. Book your Shell Island Beach Tour Today. This is the best excursion to Panama City Beach Florida. So, you've been on parasailing trips and tried banana boat rides. You've also rented jetskis. And you've enjoyed the sun and the surf crashing against your face. Now you're done with it.

Shell Island is an undeveloped 7-mile long barrier island and beach that makes up the southern reach of St. Andrews State Park. Accessed via private boat or the official Shell Island Shuttle, the island is a local must-see location for visitors who want the pristine beach experience. Swimming and snorkeling are great. Hiking inland on the island offers the opportunity to explore rare Florida coastal plant, bird, and wildlife communities in their natural condition.

St. Andrews State Park has waters that are suitable for both beginners and experts. There is plenty to see and do, including great snorkeling and swimming spots. Paddlers who are experienced may choose to cross to Shell Island. Or, they can even try sea kayaking out of the pass. You can kayak on Shell Island in the most secure and easy way by renting a rental package. This includes a ride as well as kayaks.

Native Americans, Spanish settlers, and pirates have all lived on Shell Island. Shell Island, Florida is home of beloved Florida wildlife, including ghost crabs, sea turtles, and deer. Birdwatchers will be particularly fond of the shorebirds found nesting in the dunes, coastal scrub forest, and rocky beaches. You will also find a pod or bottlenose dolphins around the island. Shell Island Beach Tours offer another way for you to enjoy the island and explore it. Shell Island Beach Tours are customized tours that take you by boat or on a jet ski to see the friendly marine creatures around Shell Island.


Renting your own pontoon boat is a great way to enjoy a Shell Island beach day. Safe, stable, spacious, and easy to operate, a pontoon boat is ideal for a family or a group of friends looking for adventure on the water and the perfect way to visit Shell Island. You can cruise the clear blue waters of St. Andrew Bay and play on the sugar-white sands of Shell Island with your own private pleasure craft.

Private dolphin tours for 6 people will take place over 2 hours. The captain will reserve the boat exclusively for you and your family. Coast Guard regulations say that the maximum number of passengers is 6. This includes infants and children.

Shell Island Tours Panama City Beach 10 Day Weather

Shell Island Tours Panama City Beach 10 Day Weather

Shell Island tours are 2-hours long and include the opportunity to view our most famous residents, Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Parasailing is a great way to see Shell Island's Emerald Waters and White Sand Beaches.

It will be a memorable experience that you'll never forget when you get to see the Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphins up close. Shell Island is home to dolphins. You can also see them and take a stroll along the white sandy beaches and clear Emerald waters.

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Shell Island is a beautiful place to visit during your Panama City Beach vacation. This page has a calendar that shows availability and prices. You can book online right now. Shell Island Beach Tours is also available by phone. Enjoy the peaceful and serene beauty of Shell Island.

Shell Island in Panama City Bay is one of the best examples of the gorgeous world that exists in Florida outside of the theme parks. Its the Florida that has drawn visitors here for generations. Beautiful, wild and pristine.An undeveloped barrier island off the coast of Panama City Beach, Shell Island is around 7 miles long from east to west. It is known for its sand dunes and its scrub forests, pine hammocks, and its lovely inland lake. The variety of ecosystems on the island supports many different types of wildlife including deer, nesting shorebirds, ghost crabs, and a variety of endangered species, like green and loggerhead turtles.

Coral Reef
Coral Reef

Shell Island Beach Tour has a wide variety of habitats. They range from sandy bottoms to shallow grass flats to rock faces to the jetties. See tropical fishes, crabs, rays, as well as, if you are fortunate, some bottle nose dolphins or a sea turtle. Renting snorkel equipment from the Jetty Store is an option, as well as purchasing it as part or a complete package on a Shell Island Beach Tour with Shuttle tickets.

One of the many activities in Panama City Beach Florida is not to be missed. Shell Island is located at the south end of the long stretch condos and resorts that line Panama City Beach's white beaches. This is where you will find a surprisingly pristine section of Florida coastline.

Shell Island Tours Panama City Beach
Shell Island Tours Panama City Beach Resort

When visiting, please keep in mind that Shell Island is undeveloped. Consequently, there are no concession stands, restrooms, picnic pavilions, or trash cans available on-site. So, go prepared and take everything with you when you leave to prevent littering and water pollution in this scenic oasis.

Our 2 hours private dolphin tour for the 13 passenger boat will reserve the boat for just your family or group and the captain. Coast Guard regulations state the maximum passengers allowed is 13, including infants and children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shell Island is a part St. Andrews park. There are no man-made changes that could affect the natural beauty of Shell Island's white sands, and clear water.

Day visits are available from 8am to 8pm depending on tide, so there is plenty of time for you to explore, enjoy, and relax. Day visits are not allowed if the Camp site is full. This is for safety and health reasons.

About 10 minutes The whole ride takes approximately 10 minutes. With experienced boat drivers and local knowledge, the shuttle service is the fastest method to reach Shell Island.