What Customers Told Us About Rosland Capital and Patriot Gold Group

As the investment world evolves, precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum remain popular investments for investors seeking protection against economic uncertainties and inflationary pressures. Rosland Capital and Patriot Gold Group stand out amongst numerous companies offering precious metal investments; here we conduct an in-depth comparison between them by looking at services, reputation, product offerings and customer feedback - two prominent entities among numerous that facilitate precious metal investing.

Rosland Capital was established in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, specializing in selling precious metal coins, bars and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

Patriot Gold Group also operates out of Los Angeles; Patriot Gold Group began operating shortly afterwards and provides similar services focusing on precious metal IRAs as well as direct sales of gold and silver coins and bars.

Product Offerings

Rosland Capital provides an expansive selection of products, such as bullion and premium coins, bars and precious metal-backed IRAs. Furthermore, their partnerships with entities such as Formula 1 have allowed for special coins to be created that celebrate these entities' efforts.

Patriot Gold Group provides gold and silver IRAs as well as coins and bars in an effort to meet the needs of precious metal investors. Their product offerings focus on being concise but still relevant - meeting every precious investor's specific requirements for investments in precious metals.

Customer Service

Rosland Capital is well known for their knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives; however, some have taken issue with its aggressive sales tactics.

Patriot Gold Group consistently receives praise for their customer service representatives' ability to be informative, transparent and non-aggressive when engaging customers.

Online Presence and Educational Resources:

Rosland has established an engaging online presence through their informative website, offering customers resources such as investment guides, market news updates and historical details about precious metals.

The website for Patriot Gold Group is easy and intuitive for their audience, offering educational materials but less comprehensively than Rosland Capital.

Fees and Pricing

Rosland Capital: Their fee structure can be less transparent. Customers have raised concerns regarding high commissions or markups on precious metals purchased with them from them.

Patriot Gold Group stands out among competitors with their competitive prices and transparent fee structures, building loyal customer bases with each transaction they provide.

Reputation and Customer Feedback

Rosland Capital: Rosland has received mixed reviews. While some customers praise its wide array of products and quality service, others voice concerns over aggressive sales tactics and high fees.

Patriot Gold Group enjoys an outstanding customer review history with positive customer comments frequently being received for its transparent pricing structures and educational resources.


Both Rosland Capital and Patriot Gold Group possess their own set of strengths and weaknesses; Rosland Capital offers more products while Patriot Gold Group emphasizes competitive pricing and transparency, among other characteristics. Potential investors should assess these factors according to their personal investment preferences and goals before making their choice between these precious metals investment companies. Seeking advice from an independent financial adviser can also assist them with making informed choices between these precious metals investment firms.