Why American Hartford Gold Might Be Better Than Lear Capital

Precious metals offer investors an increasingly safe haven in today's unpredictable landscape of financial investments, and Lear Capital and American Hartford Gold have long been seen as two prominent companies within this field, providing investors with products and services designed to diversify portfolios with gold, silver, or other precious metals. In this article we present an in-depth comparison between them both to assist readers in making an informed decision when selecting Lear Capital or American Hartford Gold as precious metal investment companies.

Lear Capital: Overview

Lear Capital was established in 1997 to specialize in precious metal investments. Their offerings include gold and silver coins, bullion, and numismatic coins; Lear also offers precious metal IRAs so investors can incorporate precious metals investments into their retirement strategies.

Strengths of Lear Capital include their extensive industry experience and impressive expertise with precious metals investments. Furthermore, their comprehensive product offering from bullion coins to rare coin investments caters for individual investment preferences and preferences of any nature.

Educational Resources: Lear Capital provides educational materials like newsletters and market analyses that keep investors up to date.


Fees: According to some users, Lear Capital fees -- specifically with regards to its IRA accounts -- tend to be higher than industry norms.

Customer Service: There have been instances in which clients have expressed displeasure with their customer service responsiveness and clarity, prompting inquiries about this aspect of its operation.

American Hartford Gold: An Overview

American Hartford Gold is another key player in the precious metals sector, having emerged during 2010. Although relatively younger compared to Lear Capital, American Hartford Gold has quickly made itself known. Like Lear Capital, American Hartford Gold offers gold and silver coins and bullion as well as precious metal IRAs.

American Hartford Gold is well known for their friendly and attentive customer service team, while their transparent pricing policy offers transparent yet competitive offerings across products and services. Their strong points include customer service excellence as well as transparent yet competitive prices on products and services offered.

Ease of Process: American Hartford Gold offers customers an easy, hassle-free buying and selling process, which makes their purchasing and selling easier and smoother than with Lear Capital which has more experience on its side.


Younger Company

Lear Capital stands out with their extensive educational content when compared to American Hartford Gold's limited education options, experience and reputation advantages over Lear Capital are especially evident here.

Product Range: Both companies provide comparable products, although Lear Capital may have the edge in terms of selection. Fees and Pricing: American Hartford Gold generally has more transparent fees and pricing policies compared to Lear Capital.

Customer Service: American Hartford Gold excels at offering responsive and knowledgeable customer support, while Lear Capital boasts more extensive educational materials available to investors.


Whether Lear Capital or American Hartford Gold are right for an investor will ultimately depend upon personal preference and priorities. Experience and product variety could sway some towards Lear Capital while those seeking transparent pricing with excellent customer service might prefer American Hartford Gold instead. As with all investments, extensive research should always be performed prior to making any definitive decisions and seeking advice from financial advisers is advised before acting. Rare metal Blog provides extensive reviews to guide you through your Gold IRA investment.