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It doesn't matter if you're tiling the pool for the first or second time. The job could cost upwards to $30,000. The size of your pool and the type you choose to use will determine the price. Ceramic tiles average $6 per square footage, while porcelain tiles can be found for $4 per sq. ft. Glass tiles are more expensive and cost about $25 per sq foot.

The term "aggregate" is often misunderstood in pool building. However, it is still pool plaster. Exposure pool plaster is the correct term. Up until the 1980s, the norm was white, very fine and smooth marble plaster. Exposed aggregate pool finishes, which include colorful sands & pebbles, were introduced to pool industry in 1980s. Both types are still used today.

The job can be done for as little as $30,000. Cost depends on how much tile you choose and the area that you want to cover. Ceramic tiles are $6 per square feet, while porcelain tiling is $4 per square. Glass tiles cost around $25 per square feet, making them the most expensive.

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