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Cracks are a common symptom. They can be caused by chemical imbalances or UV rays or slight shifts in soil under the pool. Sometimes the veneer might start to peel. The cracks can collect dirt and algae and soon your pool will look like a gigantic birdbath. You may need to drain your pool and resurface it.

A spa can be an expensive addition to your pool. But it's a great way of relaxing on cold nights with friends and family. To add an inground hot tub to an existing pool, it will cost an average of $5,000. Also, make sure you have the correct hookups in place for water jets or heaters to work.

Protect and seal fiberglass with a thermoplastic powder coating like ecoFINISH. Covering a small or medium-sized pool can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $14,500. This finish is not cheap, but it is resistant to harsh chemicals and extreme temperature changes.

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