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This job can take up to 20 hours depending on the size of the pool. It also requires at least two people to safely handle the steps. For larger pools, a crew of three to four people might be required. Also, you will need to handle chemicals and other materials which can be difficult to work with. This may not appeal to you. Instead, find pool resurfacing specialists in your local area.

An experienced professional will either chip or sandblast the old plaster out, leaving the original concrete shell. Next, a bond coat is applied that is topped with one or two coats of new plaster tinted to your choice of color.

Retiling is another option to revive your pool. This is the same procedure as indoors. The pool is given a scratch coat, then tiles are laid and grout is placed in between. Tiling can be expensive and time-consuming depending on the size and complexity of your pool. However, it will result in an elegant look.

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