quartz pool finish

quartz plaster

Tile is often used to border a pool's watersline. However, ceramic, porcelain and stone tiles, as well as glass tile, can be placed over any pool surface in any design. Tile is applied over plaster in the same manner as in a bathroom. Thinset is used to glue mats of smaller tiles or individual tiles to the plaster substrate.

It is also very affordable, compared with other resurfacing options. It can be rough to touch. Algae like plaster so you will need weekly maintenance and an acid wash every 3-5 year.

Common additives include quartz and pebbles. Quartz is stronger than plaster and will resist staining. When quartz and pebbles are combined, they create a durable, beautiful surface that will add sparkle to your pool. QuartzScapes by NPT, and DiamondBrite from SGM are two popular quartz-plaster mixtures.

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