ez patch pool plaster

dark grey plaster pool

Epoxy paint can also be used to finish fiberglass pools. It takes several weeks to cure, but it gives a beautiful, smooth finish that looks great in any swimming pools. Epoxy also costs less than many other finishes at around $1500 per application.

Resurfacing a swimming pool can be time-consuming as well as labor-intensive. However, it is essential to do so in order to bring your pool back to its best. Aside from the aesthetics, a bad choice of materials and sandblasting too often between coats could lead to problems down the line.

Unfortunately, gelcoat pool applications are a factory process and cannot be reproduced in your backyard. Instead, there are replacement coatings--thermoplastic polymers that are used to resurface fiberglass. Before the new coating is applied, the pool must be fully drained.

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