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Your backyard pool can be a relaxing oasis that will increase your property's value, adds appeal and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a sunny afternoon. However, pools, unlike gardens or yards, are easily neglected and become less useful over time. You can bring them back to health with a few simple steps. Pool resurfacing, a necessary maintenance treatment for pools, should be done at least every eighteen years.

There are many options when it comes to pool heaters. You can add a heater in your pool for anywhere between $1,000 and $8.500 depending on the size of your pool.

You can paint your fiberglass or concrete pool if it is in good condition. The old paint can be removed by water blasting. After that, spray on a coat of Nu-Pool epoxy paint. This should last between seven and ten years. Although acrylic or rubber-based paints are also possible, they are less durable than epoxy paint.

pool resurfacing near me

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