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The good news? Once the pool is tiled, it won't require resurfacing for at most twenty years. With proper upkeep, it will probably last a lot longer.

A new plaster coating is applied to the area if necessary after the preparation. You can use a mixed plaster with colored sands, pebbles or glass beads to create an exposed aggregate plaster. Exposed aggregate is considered a finished finish, but plain plaster is usually painted (often with epoxy, rubberized, or acrylic formulas), fiberglass, and tile.

When you calculate your budget, make sure to include labor and material costs. Most cases you will need to employ a professional to complete the task. Labor typically costs between $45 - $65 an hour. Contractors can resurface pools in approximately 1-2 weeks, for $3,000. It is possible to resurface pools in as little as 1-2 weeks. However, larger and more complex jobs will take longer and may cost more in labor and parts.

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