swimming pool resurfacing near me

quartz pool resurfacing cost

Pools should be resurfaced on average every 8-10 years. If you see any of these signs, then it may be time to have your pool resurfaced.

There are many pool resurfacing options available if you need to repair your pool's interior. This project is expensive so make sure to consider all factors, including the location and condition of your pool. The material used to make your pool is the most expensive element. Let's look at some pool resurfacing options.

It is worth painting your fiberglass or concrete pool, even if it's in good shape. Waterblast the old paint to remove it, and then spray on a fresh coat of epoxy paint like Nu-Pool. It should last 7-10 year. You can also use acrylic or rubber paint, but they aren't as durable as epoxy.

pool resurfacing near me

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