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If you are up for the challenge, continue reading to find some tips and tricks on how to resurface pools by yourself. The size of the pool and its surface will dictate the type of materials and tools you'll require.

Gelcoat pool application is a factory process so it can't be easily replicated in your yard. Instead, there are replacement coatings--thermoplastic polymers that are used to resurface fiberglass. Before the new coating can apply, the pool must first be completely drain and sanded.

We specialize in dealing with in-ground concrete pools. We have referrals for companies that deal with all fiberglass drop in pools and vinyl liners as well. An in ground concrete refers to the way the pool was built. Concrete pools are formed with shotcrete also referred to as gunite. After the shotcrete cures and hardens, a cementitious coating is coated over the pool shell.

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