sgm pool plaster

white marbelite plaster

Also, painted pools get dusty and often don’t bond long-term to the plaster underneath. If your pool is already painted and needs to be repainted, you could do it yourself. If your pool surface is old plaster, I would highly recommend re-plastering by a professional company rather than painting. You won’t be happy long term if you switch your pool from plaster to paint.

After the material is installed, we will acid wash your pool if necessary. All homeowners are asked to pay attention to the water level and turn off the water once it reaches the center of the tile.

The plaster's coating or surface will wear over time and need to be resurfaced. Your pool might need to be resurfaced every ten to 20 years, depending on where it is located. First, cracks and spalling must first be repaired. Then, the whole pool shell must then be prepared. Preparation is a process that removes plaster from the surface and prepares it for new plaster layers. Preparation can be done using sandblasting, chipping and chemical surface etching.

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