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concrete pool refinishing

Some pools may require a chemical treatment to prepare the surface. To ensure that the new material is stable, use a sandblaster to blast the concrete. Concentrate on one small area at a time. Depending on how large your pool is, this process could take up to three days.

After the preparation is complete, a second coat of plaster is applied as needed. This type of plaster is called exposed aggregate plaster. It's a mix between plaster and colored sands. Pebbles. Or glass beads. The exposed aggregate is considered a final surface. However, the plaster is usually covered in paint (often epoxy, rubberized, or epoxy formulas), or fiberglass.

Although the polymer application is not your typical DIY task, epoxies are somewhat easier to apply. Costs can run from $1,500 for epoxy to $15,000 or more for the polymers, depending on the size of the pool.

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