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Although there are products sold for DIY replastering (www.sider-crete.com is one vendor that sells a kit that covers 60 square feet for $130), most DIY pool plaster products are meant for repairing only small areas. Based on a national average computed by homeadvisor.com, a professional replastering job will cost about $5/sq.ft. for plain plaster, and nearly double that for a polished exposed aggregate plaster.

Vinyl pools are a popular choice because they are affordable. They consist of a vinyl sheet liner that fits tight around the pool’s surface, typically sealing around the deck. Vinyl is more flexible than concrete and more cost-effective than fiberglass.

Keep in mind, resurfacing a pool is not your average DIY project. Any small mistake can leave you with a leaking pool that can cause damage to your house and backyard.

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