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What is pool restoration? If the current pool is an in-ground concrete pool, then the new surface must not be placed on top. First, remove any existing plaster by chipping it off and then bond coating or sandblasting the surface. Although all methods are acceptable, there are some advantages and disadvantages to each. Once the surface has been properly prepared it is time to apply the finish coat. This can be either plaster, quartz, exposed pebbles, glass beads and polished pool finishes.

While there are products available for DIY replastering ( has a kit that covers 60 sq.ft for $130), most DIY pool products are designed for smaller areas. A professional replastering job costs about $5/sq.ft. This is based on the national average calculated by Plain plaster will cost about $5/sq.ft, while polished exposed aggregate plaster will run nearly twice as much.

An above-ground pool costs about $10 to patch (DIY kit) and an average of $1,700 to fully replace. On the other hand, an inground pool costs an average of $20 to patch (DIY kit) and $5,000 to resurface if it’s not severely damaged. That cost varies significantly depending on your pool type, which I get into below.

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