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The majority of concrete pools built in the United States are plastered upon construction. There are many types of pool coatings that can be used to cover pools when the plaster is old and stained. The pool coatings will be applied over the existing plaster. The old plaster must be in a sound condition. This means that it might need to have its seams repaired if it has been damaged by the concrete shell below.

A fiberglass pool of high quality will not require you to resurface often. You can expect a fiberglass pool to last a lifetime with good care and maintenance. The average cost to resurface a fiberglass pool is $7,500. This includes labor and parts. There are many common finishes for fiberglass pools. Each will have a different cost.

The fifth step is to install the chosen pool surface material. Your newly remodeled swimming pool will begin to take shape. Depending on the material you choose, this can take anywhere from a few days to complete.

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