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Over time, the coating and/or surface of the plaster degrades, and it must be resurfaced. Depending on the region, your pool may need this treatment every ten to twenty years. First, any cracks or spalling must be repaired, then the entire pool shell must be prepped. The goal of the prep is to remove loose plaster and roughen the surface so that any new layers of plaster will bond to it. Sandblasting, chipping, and chemical surface etching are all techniques used in the prep.

The good news is that the pool will not need to be resurfaced after it has been tiled. It can also last for up to twenty years if maintained properly.

The fourth step is to seal the plumbing to ensure that your pool is water tight and ready for your selected pool surface finish. We will also wash your pool shell at this time.

pool resurfacing near me

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