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A pool's waterline is usually tiled. But ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles and glass tile can be used over any surface. The tile is laid over the plaster the same way it would in a bathroom. Smaller tiles and larger individual tiles are glued with thinset to the plaster substrate.

Material costs for tiles start at $4/sq.ft. Ceramics cost between $4 and $50 per square foot. Stone and glass tiles can cost up to twice that amount. Add to this the cost for installation, and you can see why the total cost can rise into the six-figure range.

Epoxy paint is another popular finish choice for fiberglass pools and other options, such as concrete. It can take a few weeks to cure but produces a smooth, beautiful coating that looks good in any swimming pool. Epoxy is also cheaper than many other finishes, costing around $1,500 per application.

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