gunite pool resurfacing near me

quartz swimming pool finish

If necessary, a new coat of plaster can be applied after the preparation is completed. The new plaster may be an exposed aggregate plaster. This is a mixture of plaster and colored pebbles, sand, or glass beads. Although exposed aggregate can be considered a finished surface in most cases, it is often covered with paint (often rubberized or acrylic formulas or epoxy formulas), fiberglass or tile.

After applying the last coat of epoxy, don't fill the pool with water. Most manufacturers recommend that the pool be allowed to dry for five to seven days after applying the last coat. You can then refill the pool and enjoy its new look.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass isn't a well-known option for pool resurfacing. Before you decide to go with this option, do your research.

pool resurfacing near me

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