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gunite pool plaster repair

You have to consider labor and material costs when calculating your budget. You’ll have to hire a professional to get the job done right in most instances. Labor generally costs between $45 and $65 an hour. On average, a contractor can resurface a pool in 1-2 weeks for around $3,000. Remember that larger or more detailed pool jobs may take longer and cost more in parts and labor.

The thin-set helps to bond the new tiles to the appropriate substrates. It is important to remember that thin-set doesn't stick well to paints or other non porous surfaces, even if they are coated or sealed.

While tile is commonly used as a border around a swimming pool's waterline it's not uncommon to see porcelain, stone, and ceramic tiles installed across the entire pool. It is applied on top of plaster and is done in the same way as in a bath: thinset glues mats made from smaller tiles or individual tiles to the plaster substrate.

pool resurfacing near me

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