pool plaster repair near me

cost for resurfacing pool

There are some products that can be used for DIY replastering. www.sider-crete.com sells a kit that covers 60 feet and costs $130. However, most DIY pool plaster products are intended for small repairs. According to homeadvisor.com's national average, professional replastering will cost around $5 per square foot. For plain plaster, the cost is nearly twice that for polished exposed aggregate plaster.

Epoxies, while not an easy task to do yourself, are much easier to apply. Prices can vary from $1500 for epoxy to $15,000 for the polymers depending on the size and location of the pool.

This stage is the most noisy and dustiest. Your backyard will be covered and protected as best as we can.

pool resurfacing near me

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